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This adventure isn’t about change but it seems to be an inevitability.

NXT Auto Club is a team providing like-minded drivers with a unique and unmatched driving experience. In 2014, we started our group to share our passion with our friends and investors interested in enjoying first-class luxuries at lower-than-average prices.




We are partnered with GEICO to provide full, extended coverage to protect our vehicles and the NXT members driving them.



We deeply value our ratings, and the satisfaction of every member strives us to be honest and ethical.



NXT believes in transparency and the purpose of mentioning it. Our members aren’t charged hidden fees or obscure taxes; everything about NXT Auto Club is on this site.



We understand the economics of this business, and we provide our members with the lowest rate at the best possible experience. We choose to cut our own corners so that you don’t have to.

Benefits of NXT Auto Club

If you join the NXT Car Club, you’ll gain access to a number of different benefits in addition to having access to many different luxury automobiles. The biggest benefit is the savings. You’ll end up saving a large amount of money each month because you’ll save in a number of different ways.

• Parking Costs

You won’t have to pay nearly as much in parking fees since you won’t be parking a vehicle all the time. You’ll be able to pick up cars at the NXT club or have them dropped off at your location.

• Down Deposit

Since you’re not buying or leasing anything, there’s no deposit. Club members also don’t have to pay any sort of deposit when they join. All you’ll pay is the monthly fee.

• Maintenance

Did the car you just drove seem a bit off? Is something making noise that shouldn’t? All NXT cars are regularly checked over by a licensed mechanic, but if you do notice something that seems off, just mention it when you drop off the vehicle. An expert will go over it from fender to fender. You don’t pay anything extra for any maintenance. That’s all included in your membership fee, so you’ll never have to pay a mechanic while you’re a part of the NXT Car Club.

• Insurance

Insurance is included with membership. Each time you take out one of our cars, you’re covered. You don’t need a separate policy or add anything to any auto policy you might already have. With luxury cars, this is a huge saving since insurance to cover these expensive vehicles is often much higher than coverage on standard automobiles.

• Monthly Financing

Again, since you’re not buying or leasing, there’s no type of monthly financing to worry about. You won’t be charged any interest or other fees. Just pay your monthly club membership.

• Annual Registrations and Inspections

Since all of these vehicles belong to the car club, we handle all of the annual registration costs and inspection fees.

• Buying and Selling the Cars

We do buy and sell vehicles from time to time. You won’t have to worry about any of that, though. We’ll take care of everything, including all of the costs involved.

• Auto Loan Issues

You’re not taking out any sort of auto loan here, so you won’t have to worry about the associated costs or any hit your credit score might take.